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1.8519 | 31CrMoV9 +QT Long-term plasma-nitrided

Numeric designation1.8519
Chemical designation31CrMoV9
State+QT Long-term plasma-nitrided (42h)
Etching3% Nital

This classic nitriding steel was plasma-nitrided in a long-term process for 42 hours at 540 °C. A thin compound layer is present (average thickness: 8 µm). A thin compound layer (average thickness: 8 µm) is present. The dark etched diffusion layer is approx. 500 µm deep; nitride seams have formed along the grain boundaries. The microstructure consists of tempered martensite with some dark, C-rich segregation lines. The measurement of the nitriding depth in the course of hardness resulted in a NHD of 0.53 mm. The limiting hardness was 390 HV0.5.

  • Pore line: only isolated pores
  • Bond coat thickness VS | CLT: 8 µm
  • NHD 390 HV0.5 = 0.53 mm