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Ir-MMO coatings on titanium anodes

Chemical designationIr-MMO coatings on titanium anodes

The coatings consist of mixed metal oxide (MMO) and were applied to titanium anodes for chlor-alkali electrolysis. The oxides used (e.g. IrO2, RuO2, PtO2, Ta2O5) are conductive and catalyse the desired reaction, in this case the oxidation of chloride to chlorine gas. The thermally sprayed layer thicknesses are usually between 3-10 ┬Ám and are only sold with a weight per unit area specification.

Coaters keep the composition of the coating and its thickness, as well as possible variations in thickness, a secret. However, this has a direct impact on the electrolysis process. The pre-treatment of the titanium surface is also done differently by everyone. In example 1, there are corundum particles in the surface from blasting.

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