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1.1181 | C35E +N nitrocarburized

Numeric designation1.1181
Chemical designationC35E
State+N nitrocarburized
Etching3% Nital

This sample was nitrocarburized. For better contrast of the dark oxide layer, the specimen was tightly wrapped with Al foil and hot embedded. More information on this method can be found here [LINK].
The compound layer consists of a thin oxide layer and a pore fringe. The diffusion zone is slightly darker etched and contains some acicular iron nitrides. The basic structure consists of ferrite and pearlite and contains some inclusions and blowholes.

  • Oxide layer OLT: 3.6 µm
  • Pore fringe (including oxide layer): 11.6 µm
  • Compound layer thickness VS | CLT: 27.0 µm