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1.8550 | 34CrAlNi7-10 +QT Long-term plasma-nitrided

Numeric designation1.8550
Chemical designation34CrAlNi7-10
State+QT Long-term plasma-nitrided (42h)
Etching3% Nital

This nitrided steel was plasma nitrided for 42 hours at 540 °C in a long-term process. A compound layer (average thickness: 13 µm) with isolated pores is present. The dark etched diffusion layer is approx. 520 µm deep; nitride seams have formed along the grain boundaries. A “spider’s web” of nitride seams has formed at the edge of the sample due to diffusion on both sides. The basic structure consists of tempered martensite. Some dark grey MnS lines are present both in the matrix and in the diffusion zone. The measurement of the nitriding hardness depth in the course of hardness resulted in a NHD of 0.51 mm. The limiting hardness was 360 HV0.5.

  • Pore line: only isolated pores
  • Junction layer thickness VS | CLT: 13 µm
  • NHD 360 HV0.5 = 0.51 mm